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Gold plated

Majority of our gold jewellery is plated with a coating of gold over a base metal such as sterling silver, brass or stainless steel. We source good quality plating to ensure your jewellery will last as long as possible. Plated jewellery is a great option if you want to buy quality jewellery without spending heaps of money. All of our jewellery is lead and nickel free and won't irritate your skin. 

Sterling Silver

Our silver pieces are 925 sterling silver. A range of sterling silver pieces are plated with an extra coat of white gold over the silver to give it an extra layer of finish and shine. We also offer gold plated sterling silver as mentioned above, meaning the base metal is sterling silver and then is plated with a coating of gold.

Gold Filled

Jewellery from our Reworked Designer collection is repurposed using gold filled, tarnish resistant materials to compliment the luxurious charms. This comes at a higher price point as the gold filled materials use a very thick coating of gold to ensure extra longevity. 


Gold Plated Jewellery

To keep all plated jewellery in the best condition, avoid contact with: liquids, harsh chemicals, creams or lotions, perfumes or sprays as these could ruin the finish of the jewellery.

Gold Filled Jewellery

As mentioned, our Reworked Designer pieces use gold filled materials. These are tarnish resistant and can be worn in water, however, because the authentically sourced designer charms are gold plated (done by the original designer - e.g Dior) it is recommended to not wear these pieces in water to protect the designer charm. 

Sterling Silver

Our solid sterling silver pieces still require some care to extend the longevity. You can wear them in water, however it is recommended to not expose these pieces to harsh chemicals as this could ruin the colour and shine of the jewellery. 

If needed you can clean your jewellery with a cotton ball/tip or a very soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt. To avoid any scratches or marks on your jewellery, store it in the packaging supplied. It is also highly recommended to take your jewellery off before exercising or sleeping to get the longest wear possible and to avoid breaking or damaging your pieces. 





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